water tight roofing

A leaking roof is a nightmare for all homeowners. The leak requires a lot of money, time and manpower to fix. Homeowners are just like everybody else in that they do not want to spend money unnecessarily. One of the best solutions against leaks is making the house as watertight as possible. Generally, this would mean investing substantially on your roof. A watertight roof needs money and time. It needs hiring the best roofing contractor. Therefore, test the roof and your entire house to determine how watertight it is. If it is not, find ways of making it watertight.

Cheap Roof Jobs Make it Less Watertight

Cheap patch jobs are not capable of making your roof and house as watertight as you want. Cheap is only good for your pockets in the short-term. In the long term, you will have to pay more to upgrade the work done on the roof at cheap rates. Cheap patch jobs often denote the use of cheap materials. Substandard materials on the roof – or any part of the house for that matter – will never make your home as watertight as you desire. Therefore, spend whatever it takes to strengthen the roof and increase its watertight attributes.

The roof is a functional part of the house. It also enhances the home’s aesthetic appeal. It offers protection against the elements. It makes the building’s interior as comfortable as possible. The roof is one of the defenses the house has. It acts as the first line of defense the home has. For this reason, it should be as impenetrable as possible. Eventually, especially when the roof’s lifespan draws ever so near, the roof is likely to leak and be less watertight. Until then, it should be one of the best waterproof parts of the building.

Hire a Pro to Test the Roof

It is not mandatory for you to hire a professional roofing contractor to make the roof watertight. You can do this work alone while improving your DIY skills. Whether you hire a roofer or do it alone, knowledge of how to waterproof the shingles is the most important attribute. It will determine whether the entire project is a success or not. This is because shingles are the most commonly installed types of roofs on most buildings. The shingles on your roof need solid waterproofing material installed and laid properly under them.

The most popular waterproofing materials are:

  1. Tar paper
  2. Roofing felt
  3. Thermoplastic polyolefin
  4. Breathable TPO membranes

The best part of the roof to install these waterproofing materials is the area between the shingles and rafters. It is possible to lay the waterproofing material on top of the shingles too. The decision on whether to install it under or over the roof is yours to make. It depends on your preferences. It also depends on the recommendations your roofing contractor makes. The type of roof installed on your home determines you are better off laying the waterproofing material over or beneath the shingles too.

Watertight Roof is Energy Efficient

A watertight roof or home is energy efficient. Moreover, it is possible to waterproof just about any type of a roof. It produces amazing results on all roofing types. It is one of the most effective ways of saving money and time. Waterproofing is an environmentally friendly option. Before determining how to make the roof watertight or choosing the best method of waterproofing it, your first goal should be to hire a professional roofer to inspect it thoroughly. The objective of the inspection should be to check how watertight the roof and the entire building are.

Therefore, hire a pro to check the entire home to ascertain if it is as watertight as it should be.


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