Globally, EPDM roofing is now one of the most highly sought after roofing systems. This roofing membrane has proved an effective cover on top of sheds, garages and all outside structures fitted with flat roofs. In addition to this, the popularity of the membrane is also partly because of the different ways in which it can be installed. Installing it offers a bigger array of options than can be found with other roofing materials. Some of the most effective ways of installing it are as follows:

  1. Fully adhered
  2. Mechanically attached
  3. Ballasted
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Enhanced Flexibility

EPDM roofing membrane is not only lightweight but also flexible. The membrane is designed for roofs with contoured surfaces, irregular shapes and limited capacity for load bearing thus the ideal choice for outside structures. Its lightweight and flexibility make EPDM roofing membrane highly sought after for geographical configurations. Professional roofers recommend using it in wide-ranging building sizes too. It is little wonder EPDM roofing membrane is the one you are likely to see on complex roofing projects as well as high slope applications.

Best High Wind Rating

What you cannot begrudge EPDM roofing membrane for lacking is high wind rating. This rating makes them ideal roofing systems for tall buildings. The high wind rating has transformed this roofing system into one of the most popular in high wind areas. Any search conducted to find roofing systems with the least amount of membrane fluttering is likely to lead back to EPDM roofing membrane as the best in this regard. This is primarily because of every single square foot of this material is fully bonded with insulations found in fully adhered roofing systems.

Enhances Aesthetic Appeal

As much as EPDM roofing membrane seems to fulfill a functional role, it is worth mentioning that it transforms roofs into aesthetically appealing parts of the building. In short, this roofing membrane enhances the curb appeal of homes on which it is installed. The property’s curb appeal only increases substantially when the membrane has fully adhered on the roof. It is ideal for roofing systems that are not hidden away from public viewing. The fact that it’s installed via fully adherence instead of ballasting and fasteners helps it to enhance curb appeal.

Long Lasting System

EPDM roofing membrane has undergone all types of tests and evaluations to ensure it lasts long. Although they entered the industry during the 1960s, the roofing membranes have shown themselves worthy of the title of the most durable roofing systems. The fact it can last more than 30 years has helped matters greatly. The membrane has become the most commonly installed material on commercial roofing where the need for long lasting and highly durable products has never been higher. It ranks highly on many factors. Some of these include the following:

  • Performance value
  • Longevity
  • Reduced long-term costs

Low, Quick and Affordable Maintenance

EPDM roofing membrane is a low maintenance, roofing product. It has no problem lasting the full years without regular maintenance. Low maintenance translates into more money for you. Even when maintenance is required, you will be pleased to notice that it is not only quick but also affordable. Instead of replacing the entire roof, which happens with other types of roofing materials, the roofer only has to cut, repair or replace the damaged part. This saves money, time and energy.

Therefore, install EPDM roofing membrane today. The membrane might appear costly to install today. However, the wonderful long-term returns and value for money it provides are worth the money spent. Properly installed, this roofing membrane will give you more than you anticipate. For example, the fact that it is highly resistant to UV rays and hail should be music to the ears of people whose properties are located in storm prone areas. It stays in place in all climates or weather conditions.


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