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Should you change the color of your roof? Yes, you should if the evidence points out to this being a logical decision that comes with plenty of benefits. Some things in life are straightforward. Others are not as straightforward as they should be – and choosing the right color for your roofing is one of them. It is hard because of the many variables you must consider. It is a hard decision to make because it does not depend on your preferences alone. Changing or choosing the color of your roof deserves special attention and lots of hard work to pull through.

Here is what to do to choose the right color for your roofing.

Observe the Neighborhood

First, be observant. Do this by driving or walking around the neighborhood to see what the neighbors have gone with. The goal is not to copy them. Rather, it is to get ideas that you can then transfer onto your own roof. For some reason, most neighborhoods tend to have a dominant color. That is what your eyes should watch out for. Look at the colors on houses that share some similarities with yours. Factors to consider here include shape, size, and style or design of the neighbors’ houses. This gives you a better idea of what your home will look like.

Check Colors under Different Light

Second, do not examine the colors in the dark only. Instead, look at the colors based on different light levels or intensity. For example, check how the shingles will most likely look under dim light or darkness. Next, check how the color looks in daylight. Lastly, examine the color when the day is not too bright – most probably when there is plenty of shade around. What you will realize is the shingles do not look the same when exposed to the different intensity of light. Choose a material and color that brings the best out of the house at all times.

Base Your Choice on Personal Preferences

There is nothing wrong with basing your choice of colors on personal preference. After all, it is your house that needs a new color on the roof. You determine the color to choose, but only after looking at other considerations too. As important as personal preference is, it is better to look at the bigger picture too. The color of your shingles should contrast that of the home’s exterior. Too many times homeowners opt for colors that match or complement that of their home’s exterior only to realize they made a mistake.

Remember the Location

No matter the color was chosen, avoid ignoring location as this would be a massive mistake. In this respect, the location has to do with the climatic conditions. Therefore, choose the right color that will not lead to huge energy bills. The color chosen will help the roof or house to either retain or reflect heat away. In the colder surroundings, choose colors that retain heat. In warmer surroundings, choose colors that reflect heat away. Paying attention to the surroundings and local climate helps you to make huge energy savings, which is great news for your family’s finances.

Do not Ignore Impact of Color on Resale Value

Lastly, choose a color that enhances the property’s resale value. Whether or not you plan to sell the house is not the issue. The issue is that you never know what the future holds. Therefore, go for colors that would attract more money in case you have no option other than putting the home up for sale. Some colors will just turn potential buyers away. When thinking of resale value, your personal preferences will not matter so much. A more neutral color would help the property enhance its resale value. Most buyers choose properties with neutrally colored roofs.

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