How To Clean Stove Burners Easily In Four Ways

Do you like cooking in the kitchen? To channel your hobby, of course, you spend 85% of your activities in the kitchen to cook using a stove.  Not infrequently, you also feel inconvenience to clean the stoves after cooking.  How to clean stove burners easily?  Let’s look at the following explanation.

1. Using Lime Juice

If after cooking, stove burners are often dirty because of the amount of fat attached.  The cause of fat sticking to the stove can come from splashes of oil when frying, cooking fatty foods, such as meat, chicken or cooking dishes.

Thus, to clean the fat impurities on the stove, you can use lime juice.  Fat will easily be lost on your stove burners.  It’s easy enough to apply and easy to get the ingredients.  You can use the leftover lime in your kitchen, then squeeze it and rub it on the fat stove, then rinse it with water.

2. Using Vinegar

One way to clean stove burners is to use vinegar.  You can get vinegar easily, from leftover herbs.  If you have leftover vinegar left over.

Just like lime, vinegar has acidic substances that can function to shed fat.  Thus, use vinegar as an ingredient for cleaning the stove. This method is a traditional way, but powerful and efficacious for removing fat in stove burners. This method is quite easy and inexpensive because it only uses ingredients in the kitchen.

3. Using Face Toner

Quite strange, but believe this method is quite powerful as one way how to clean stove burners.  The content contained in face toner can eliminate fat on stove burners.  How to use it is the same as when using it on the face.  Apply face toner to the cotton and then rub it on the stove.

This method is fairly expensive because face toner is one of the most valuable female cosmetics.  However, this method is easier to remove fat on stove burners.  And the way is only as an alternative when you do not have the two ingredients above.

4. Using Cleaning Liquid

The next way, how to clean stove burners? You can use cleaning liquid. Many stores provide cleaning fluid for stove burners from various brands. You can easily clean fat and dirt on stove burners.

Always provide liquid stove burners at home, so that everyone will use them easily to reach them.  Various scents from various brands are available in the market.  You can choose it according to your taste.  Surely your stove burners become clean and fragrant, so comfortable when going to use it again.

Those are some ways how to clean stove burners easily.  There is no longer a reason the kitchen looks dirty.  A dirty kitchen is a den of disease.  Of course, you do not want it, the place used to process food into a den of disease.  Family health is more important.  Thus, it is important to always maintain the cleanliness of stove burners in your kitchen.  So you can create not only foods that are delicious but also foods that are healthy for the family.