Patio Ideas For Small Spaces And Create Wonderful Place At Your House

Have an interesting patio in front of our house should be everyone’s dream. One of the most usual problems, when someone did not pay attention to the patio, is the small area. They getting frustrated while decorating the patio because they think nothing will match with a small patio. They just don’t know that outside there available a lot of awesome patio ideas for small spaces.

While had a small area, we should be thinking twice about the best furniture to put in there. Sometimes we also did not have any idea to put the usual furniture because it takes too much space. Purchasing the right furniture is our challenge while we want to create a great patio. Here are some of the best patio ideas for small spaces you can try at your house. Here we go!

1. Hidden Storage

When you had a small patio, you should be smart to maximize the function of each furniture. Try to use hidden storage as your table so you will have one piece of furniture with double functions. It will never disturb the appearance of your patio as long as you can decorate it well. Also, you can put a lot of things on the storage like extra pillows or some gardening tolls and no one will realize it.

2. Outdoor Rugs

If you want a simple house without any striking colors as the background, maybe you should think twice about this one. Try to find the right brilliant outdoor rug with mesmerizing color and then put it under the seat. It will make your house looks great without disturbing your simple house. Besides, it can also add some warm aura to your house and make it more attractive.

3. Collapsible Furniture

When you had a small space on your patio, you will need some collapsible furniture. You can use it whenever you want and also put it somewhere else when you don’t need it. It can save a lot of spaces on your patio so no one will realize that it is so small. Also, you will not get frustrated while you want to use your patio for a different purpose.

4. Potted Plants on Wall

When you want to add some decoration on your patio without reducing any space on there, this is the right one. You can add some potted plants on your wall to give some accents on there. However, you can use the used pots but recolor it so you can spend less money. You can do everything as long as you have the foresight to unused things.

5. Vertical Garden Privacy Screen

When your patio has limited space, you should never be thinking about giving a wall there. But now you can build a wall on there without worry it will disturb the beauty of your home. Build a wall with some woods and then add some space to put some pots of the plant on there. You will get not only the security purpose but also the right place to do your planting hobby.

So there are some of the best patio ideas for small spaces you can make at your house. Now you don’t need to be worried again about your neglected patio and decorate it as you want. it is the right time to create an awesome patio and then shocked everyone who comes to your house. 

Cheap Gazebo Ideas For Small Backyard At Home

Home is the simplest, easiest yet most comfortable place for people to relax, especially after work. Adding a front or backyard at home would not only add a great scenery. But also, it would add comfort to the home. There are many things that people could insert there. One of them is a gazebo. It could be an exciting place whether to chill, hangout or for resting. There are plenty of gazebo ideas for a small backyard at home that people could be inspired.

gazebo ideas for small backyard

There are many activities that people could do at the gazebo. Starting from reading books, drinking tea, grilling some delicious foods, chilling with some friends, and more. People might think that making a gazebo needs a big space. However even though they have only small space, they could still create a gazebo. Here are some cheap gazebo ideas for small backyard at home that people could use.

1. The Tumbler Gazebo

A gazebo is not always space where it uses a stage with a roof on the top of it. Using stages would be expensive for some people. As an option, they could frame using pallet woods. After that, they would not need to cover the upper side with complete wood. Instead, they could fill it with using white fabric and complete it with tumbler lighting. For the seating space, they could use a dining table using recycled woods.

2. The PVC Pipe Gazebo

The next cheap gazebo ideas for small backyard is still using PVC pipes. Create the gazebo frame using PVC pipes. To cover the space, people could use fabrics. After that, add some seating inside. Also, add some pillows and a coffee table in the middle. It is simple and cheap. However, it is still comfortable for people to chill and hangout.

3. The Seat Floor Gazebo

Another option for people for their gazebo is with using a seating floor gazebo. Create the stage of the gazebo by using woods and also the frame. After that, add a carpet or just let the wood as it is. To add comfort for the seating, use some floor pillows and a small table. Do not forget to decorate the space with some cute decorating items. Or also some green items as well.

4. The Bamboo Gazebo

Besides using woods, bamboos are also great cheap gazebo ideas for small backyard. People could create a small gazebo with using bamboo. Use a small size for the gazebo, about 3meters are enough. After making the frame, add an outdoor mattress on it with some pillows. As for the roof, use a synthetic fabric to cover. It would then be a great place to hang out.

5. The Redesigning Outdoor Bed Gazebo

For those who have an outdoor bed, it could be transformed into a great gazebo space. The first thing to do is to add ad a framing roof on the outdoor bed. After that, add some tables and green trees beside it. Then, the outdoor bed is then transformed into a gazebo.

Spending time at a gazebo is both relaxing and comfortable. Rather than buying a gazebo, people could create their own cheap ones. The cheap gazebo ideas for small backyard could be a great alternative for people to see.

The Best Storage Ideas For Small Houses That You Never Expect

Having a space for storage in your house is very important. The storage can make your house look more orderly and safe. Unfortunately, the space for storage is not easy to get, especially for small houses. The small houses have a small area. Therefore, it is more difficult to have storage to save your equipment. But, you don’t need to think about it. We probably find suitable ways to find the best storage in your small house. Therefore, we will provide you the best storage ideas for small houses that you never expect.

best storage ideas for small houses

1. Use Hallway Storage As The Additional Storage

If you have already had storage, then you need the bigger one, you must try to use your hallway as the additional storage. The empty hallway can be useless, then, you can change it into a useful place by make it as the storage place. It doesn’t matter if the hallway is very narrow, it will be useful as the storage place without disturbing other places.

2. The Sofa Storage as the Versatile Storage

Wondering the versatile storage might be a difficult thing. Indeed, you should find the chance to make your own storage place, especially for the small houses. The sofa storage can be the best storage ideas for small houses. The sofa storage can be multi-functional furniture. You may store some equipment inside the sofa. But, sofa storage is different from the usual sofa. You need to have a special sofa which is able to use also as versatile storage.

3. Adjustable Headboard Shelves in Your Bedroom

Another idea as the storage place is the headboard shelves. The headboard shelves can be used to store your equipment in your bedroom. Moreover, the headboard is adjustable. Therefore you might move the headboard to another place you want. You can also use the headboard as the table of your sleeping lamp.

4. Wall Storage In the Kitchen

Not only in the bedroom, but we also need to have more space for storage in the kitchen. If you have a small house, then you want to have additional storage in your kitchen, you must try to use the wall as the storage. How to use the wall as the storage place? You can put the hanging shelves on your wall or having a hanging place on your wall. Thus, you may hang the kitchen equipment or put it on the hanging shelves.

5. Wall Storage In The Bathroom

As well as the kitchen, the wall storage also can be applied in the bathroom. If you have a small bathroom with no storage place, you can apply the wall storage. You can apply the hanging storage in your bathroom to hang the bathroom equipment.

Those are the 5 best storage ideas for small houses. You might try to apply those storage ideas in order to get additional storage in your small houses. Having a small house doesn’t mean you cannot have a storage place, you can make your own storage as creative as you can as the previous ideas.

Try These Super Easy Organization Ideas For Refrigerator For You

Every house on this day should have a refrigerator at least one because we need it to save some stuff. Because the refrigerator helps us to put something and keep it fresh for a longer time. But outside there, not all people know how to organize the refrigerator properly. They usually just put all the things in even they know it is wrong and make it in a mess. This is we want to tell you about organization ideas for refrigerator.

organization ideas for refrigerator

People usually getting mad because the refrigerator has limited space, too little for the whole family. But in fact, the refrigerator has enough space for a lot of stuff as long as you make it right. Here we will try to explain to you some of the best organization ideas for refrigerator. Now you don’t need to be worried about some stuff that takes up so many spaces.

1. Classification All the Stuff

If you asking what is the key to having the best organization on the refrigerator, then classification is the answer. Eliminate and differentiate all the stuff based on several conditions you want. For example, you can put the bottle with almost the same shape in the same places too. Also, you can put something based on the type like put the vegetables together. Above all, try to buy some box places as a separator for them all.

2. Create a Snack Zone

If you are the type of person who loves eating some snacks every time, this can be perfect for you. You can put your favorite snacks on the single spot on the refrigerator. On the other hand, you will need a box to make them need less space than before. Also, you can save all those snacks on the door parts to make it easier to take. Try to give some label on it and don’t ever try to mix it with other stuff.

3. Put the Eggs on the Basket

If usually, we used the egg holder from the refrigerator manufacturer, this day not again. We agree that eggs holder can save the eggs better than any other way. But if the space of your refrigerator is more important for you, it will be a bad choice. That egg holder will consume a lot of stuff and it makes you in a difficult state. Just try to put them together on the basket because it will need less space, also make it look nice.

4. Hang up some stuff

This may sounds crazy because you don’t ever hear this one before. But it totally works for you to create more space than before. Don’t put something heavy on the hanger because it can break it. You can hang on something light some snacks there and it will be alright. Just try to hang it up with a big paperclip to make sure it will not fall.

The refrigerator has helped our life and it makes it easier to get ice, cold water, also save some vegetables for a longer time. If yesterday we can only save some food materials in at least 3 days, now we can save it for 2 weeks or more. We hope all of these organization ideas for refrigerator can help you to find the right one.

5 Tricks About How To Remove Stain From White Shirt Easily

White is a nice color and neutral for every occasion. You can wear those clothes whenever you think “have-nothing-to-wear”. Yes, white is the best solution to make you look brighter. However, it is not easy to keep the white as bright as before. Even worse you see the stain on its surface. That must bother your appearance. But don’t be worry, here we have tricks about how to remove stain from white shirt. You can do this at home without the need to go to the laundry.

how to remove stain from white shirt

What we will share with you is how to remove stain from white shirt because of various causes. Several common stains are lipstick, sauce, and baby milk. In fact, many conditions can stain your shirt. No matter it is easy to remove or the naughty one. Thus, you should know the tricks to anticipate every condition that might happen in the future. See our tricks below and make your shirt look like new again:

1. Barbeque Sauce

There is nothing perfect than having white for a barbeque party. While you are enjoying the moment, it is very possible for the sauce dripping to your shirt. Don’t be panic, you can get rid of that stain. Take the detergent and white vinegar. Scoop the excess sauce from the shirt, then wash under the water flow. Rub the detergent, work gently with your fingers, and after that, apply the white vinegar and wait up to 10 minutes. Rinse with the warm water and let it dry.

2. Blood

There are two types of this stain: the fresh stain and the dried stain. Both of them have different treatments. The fresh stain is easier to be removed. You just need to wash directly with cold water and rub with the soap. Don’t use warm or hot water for fresh stain because it will set the stain. While for the dried one you are better soaking it with warm water. Then, scrub with the soap and water until the stain is gone.

3. Baby Formula

You will never know exactly what will happen with the baby. There is a time when they are spitting up after feeding, then the stain sticks on your white shirt. Soak the shirt for about 30 minutes with the liquid detergent. After that, see the stain if it is still there, rub gently with a brush. If the stain is very hard, add baking soda after the detergent.

4. Lipstick or Cosmetics

There are many hacks to remove this stain. But we will show you the simple one. Take the excess using a knife or anything with a sharp surface. Then, wash with the liquid detergent under the water flow. Don’t rub the shirt because it will make the stain wider. Soak inside the warm water or re-wash by adding alcohol.

5. Coffee or Tea

This is the most often stain you probably get in everyday life, whether you are at the office or at home while enjoying Netflix. Soak the shirt with warm water and vinegar. Rub gently with your finger, if the stain still exists, then add the liquid detergent. Wash again and let it dry by hanging outside.

We are pretty sure that there are still lots of stains you probably get. But those five stains sometimes make you stress. In fact, seeing how to remove stain from white shirt above proves that those stains are very easy to be removed. Just make sure the vinegar and the baking soda are available at home, then everything will be alright.

How To Clean Washing Machine For The Top-Loaded Model

You will find two types of the washing machine, there are the top-loaded and the front-loaded. Don’t ask which the best between them, because it still has pros and cons. But, we might say that the top-loaded model allows you to wash more clothes at once. Some people find that this model uses less water and also cleaner. If you are using this type now, this article probably gives you a benefit. Here you can find how to clean washing machine for the top-loaded type.

how to clean washing machine

Not many people think the urgency of cleaning their washer. Honestly, the simplest thing for its maintenance is cleaning the inside part regularly. You might not know how to clean washing machine, that is why we are here sharing you the step by step. Don’t be worry because it is easy to do, even you no need to call the professionals. Just read the points below carefully and do what it says.

1. Prepare the Baking Soda and Vinegar

You don’t need any chemical thing here. All you have to prepare is the baking soda and the white vinegar. The baking soda is effective to clean the soap scum, while the vinegar is for killing the mold and mildew. Also, the vinegar is useful for disinfectant at the same time. Separate 3-4 cups of vinegar and about a half of cup the baking soda.

2. Set the Machine

Add the hot water inside the machine, then set it into the largest load setting. When the machine starts to work, add the vinegar. Pour all the cups until it is mixed well. After that, stop for a while so you can add the baking soda. Turn on again the machine to mix both of the vinegar and baking soda.

3. Let The Solution Set

If you are sure the vinegar and baking soda are mixed well, then stop the machine. Let it be for about 30 minutes up to one hour. This is the time when the ingredients penetrating the grime and odors. While the ingredients are working, you can wipe the bottom part using a clean cloth or any fabric.

4. Clean the Detail

Actually, cleaning the machine is not only for the inside part but also for the outside and small parts too. You should use a toothbrush to rub the detail and remove all of the grime. It is not really good to see the washer is dirty even though the inside is already clean.

5. Finishing

Now let the washer to resume until the water inside totally drained. But if your machine can’t do it, add another hot water to make sure the vinegar and baking soda are completely out. The second water also rinses the part to make it cleaner. Now your machine has a great smell and will wash the clothes better.

You should repeat all the steps above about how to clean washing machine regularly, at least every month. Don’t forget to keep the lid open after use for a couple of minutes. It is for avoiding the mold, odors, or mildew. Remember, if the machine you use is front-loaded, then you should find the other methods.

Top 5 Clever Vegetable Garden Ideas For Small Spaces

Gardening is one of the most funs and it can refresh your mind. However, now many people cannot garden because of limited land. Therefore, it is important for you to know about clever vegetable garden ideas.

clever vegetable garden ideas

You can make these ideas as a reference if you want to start gardening again. In addition, these ideas are also perfect for those of you who like gardening but have a small vegetable garden. Let’s jump in about 5 clever vegetable garden ideas for small spaces, which you can easily apply:

1. Hanging Planters

For those of you who have a limited garden area, you can apply hanging planters. This is because hanging planters can save the use of areas in your garden so you can grow more vegetables. Hanging planters can separate different types of vegetables.

So, this will make it easier for you to take care of all your vegetables. You can also easily make hanging planters, with a variety of materials. However, if you want a hanging planter that has good stability and is durable, you can choose to use a metal frame

2. Green Roof

Do you have an empty area on your roof? You can use it as a green roof to grow various vegetables. A green roof is perfect for growing vegetables because they will get maximum sunlight. In addition, during the rainy season, they can also use rainwater efficiently.

In addition, you can relax in the midst of a chaotic city bustle on your green roof. Or, a green roof can also help protect the material on your roof. That is why the green roof is one of the clever vegetable garden ideas.

3. Busy Balcony

If you live in an apartment or flat, you can copy this idea. Making your balcony a garden for growing vegetables is a very good idea. However, you need to be selective in choosing which vegetable crops can be planted on limited land.

Even on the balcony, you can still plant some vegetables. For example, you can hang a few pots on your balcony. You can also show the planters rack in your balloon. In fact, you can also use your balcony walls to be planters.

4. Vertical Gardening

This idea is the cleverest idea and most often applied. This is because many people like gardening but live in apartments, flats, or live on limited land. So, they do not have large land for gardening and growing various vegetables.

However, you can use the wall as your gardening media. You can place vessels on the wall vertically to grow vegetables. In addition, you can make vessels from a variety of materials, such as used cans and bottles, or old pallets.

5. Divide and Conquer

This is one of the clever vegetable garden ideas for those of you who want to have a neat garden. You need a large bed with a divider so you can separate vegetables based on the variety. A divider is a brilliant and inexpensive idea for differentiates various vegetable varieties.

You can buy the divider at a hardware store or you can make it yourself from an old pallet. How to make it is very easy; that you only need to make a grid from the pallet. And then, you can stick to the grid using nails, glue or screws.

There are 5 clever vegetable garden ideas, which you can copy easily and without spending a lot of money. The idea will make it possible for you to be able to garden by utilizing a variety of growing media. So, one of the five ideas above, which ideas do you want to apply first?

The Best Way To Avoid Bacterial Contamination In The Kitchen

Cleaning up the house daily is important. This is because the house is one of the places people spend time. However, sometimes cleaning up the house is not enough to keep hygiene and clean from bacteria. Bacteria live almost everywhere in the house. These could cause the users inside to get sick. The best way to avoid bacterial contamination is to do several special cleanings.

best way to avoid bacterial contamination

There are many kinds of bacteria that live near us. These bacteria could cause many kinds of illness. Starting from the flu, cough, fever, and other diseases. Moreover, one of the places that people spend in the house and contains a lot of bacteria in the kitchen. Whereas, most of the food, nutrition comes from the kitchen. If the kitchen is dirty then to food is not healthy to consume. Here is the best way to avoid bacterial contamination in the kitchen and to get healthier.

1. Do some Separations

Organizing is important for the kitchen. Not only to keep things neat and clean but also it could ease the users on searching for things. Moreover, with organizing people could separate items and keep out the bacteria. Raw meats are one of the foods that contain bacteria. This is one of the reasons why separating and organizing are important. Not only separating raw meats, but also other foods such as eggs, dairy, seafood, poultry, and others.

2. Keep the Foods in the Right Place

The next best way to avoid bacterial contamination in the kitchen is to keep the foods in the right place. One of the places that are dirty is in the refrigerator. Even though keeping the foods inside the refrigerator could slow down the growth, but inside they could spread to others. That is why it is important to place the food in the right place. For example, never place the raw meats and ready-to-eat meats side to side.

3. Use the Right Copping Board

A lot of people do not know that they should use the different chopping boards for different occasions. The plastic chopping board is used for raw meats, seafood, and poultry. While the woody cutting board could be used for vegetables and fruits. Moreover, people should use different cutting boards for different ingredients. Using the same cutting board is dangerous because it could spread the bacteria’s, even though they have washed it before.

4. Always Wash the Hands

Another best way to avoid bacterial contamination is to wash the hands. Always remember to clean hands before and after doing any activities. Make sure to wash the hands using soaps, not only with waters. If it is needed, people could also use antiseptic to give more protection.

5. Often Throw the Garbage

Last but not least, people should also often throw the garbage out. The garbage is the source of bacteria, disease, and viruses. People could also separate wet and dry garbage to decrease the smell and bacteria as well.

The kitchen might be one of the favorite places to spend since the foods are stored here. However, the favorite place could also be the dirtiest place in the house. Remember to always follow the best way to avoid bacterial contamination in the kitchen to keep staying clean.

The Must-Have Best Organization Tools For Home

Cleaning up the home and organizing it, is an important thing to do. Not only to keep the house clean and healthy but also to ease people’s activity inside the house. People usually do an organization for their clothing, kitchen storage, living room, and bathroom. Once the organizing is finished, the appearance of it would be satisfying. There are many best organization tools for home that people could use.

best organization tools for home

However, for some people, organizing might be confusing. Especially for those who have never organized before. But do not worry because organizing is an activity that is worth to do. People could sort out the junk inside the house and keep the items neat. To know the must-have and best organization tools for home, here is the list.

1. Plastic Bins

The first to have for organizing is plastic bins. Choose any colors that suites the decoration room or simply choose a transparent color. The plastic bins usually come in several sizes. Starting from the height and the length. Plastic bins could be used for the kitchen storage, room, and even the bathroom. With having no covers, it would people to keep stuff that is quite big. Moreover, people would be able to find things easily without opening it first.

2. Drawer Dividers

The next organization tools for home are drawer dividers. It is important for people that have a drawer. Usually, drawers are messy with the items inside. Moreover, the items could get tangled, stuck and even damage each other. To clean and neat it up, use a drawer divider to separate each item. There are many kinds of drawer dividers that are able in the market.

3. Wall Hooks

The third thing people must have is wall hooks. People could use it not only for walls but also inside cabinets and cupboards. It is a multifunctional tool for organizing. Wall hooks could also be used for many pieces of stuff besides clothes. Starting from bags, cooking and food equipment, and also others. There are also several DIY hooks that people could make to create a cuter hook.

4. Cabinet Corrals

The next best organization tools for home is cabinet corrals. People could use it for table occasion of also on racks. The different levels give not only a neat appearance but also nice managing. Some cabinet corrals even have the shape of mini drawers as well. People could use it for bathroom equipment, makeup, and stationery. Cabinet corrals are also available in many sizes, colors, and materials.

5. Containers

Another organizing tool that people should have is containers. Containers could be sack and arranged neatly and easily. There are also many kinds of sizes of containers, starting from small sizes up to huge sizes. Some containers are also equipped with wheels to ease people when moving the container. Moreover, the container could keep things from water, air, and dirt.

Keeping the home organized and neat needs the right tools. With the best organization tools for home, people would able to manage the items in their house. The tools are not only useful but also cheap and easy to get.

5 Simple Treehouse Ideas To Make Your Childhood Dream Come True

When you just a little kid, you should ever wonder to have one treehouse near your home. It should be nice to have one secret place full of toys and games you can play all day long. After that, we grow up and that dreams still follow us sometimes. However, we will give you some simple treehouse ideas with high comfort and amazing looks. 

simple treehouse ideas

Being an adult, you can start to make your treehouse dream comes true. Just build a simple one in your backyard where you can spend your weekend there. It should be great to read a book under the tree and feel the fresh air. Also, you can see the star from that treehouse when the night comes. Here are some of the best simple treehouse ideas you can make. 

1. Small Blue Treehouse

This is the first simple but still adorable treehouse for you. The indoor area may not so big but it has an outdoor area for kids playing ground. You can color the treehouse blue to make it different from places near them. Above all, this design can fulfill the area to take a rest and read a book or playing on the outside.

2. Basic Treehouse

Well, if you want to build a simple treehouse only for your children to play, this is the right design. This design is more open than others so it can’t be used when rain or snow season. Also, this design is a little bit dangerous so you need to tell your child to be more careful especially when climbing the ladder. Above all, you can enjoy the landscape perfectly and it also cost less.

3. The Pirate Treehouse

This will be the perfect design for you who have wonder to be a pirate. However, this treehouse has some room on the inside so it looks like a real ship. You don’t need to buy the paint because it looks fit with the natural wood color. Just use your money to buy some pirate stuff like a steering wheel or old lamp.

4. Medium Size Treehouse

This house was not as big as the main house but it will be enough for family gather. However, this design has a little balcony on the front so you can enjoy the landscape on the outside. Make sure you build the bottom part with sturdy material. You don’t need another playground for your child. This treehouse is enough for them.

5. The Tree Deck

If you have more than 3 big trees, you can build this awesome simple treehouse ideas. This design does not have an indoor area, so you can’t store some stuff there. You can do a lot of activities in this treehouse. For example, you can gather with your friends and enjoy the fresh air. Build your ladder using some ropes to give a different part with another treehouse.

These are 5 simple treehouse ideas we can give to you. You can build it in your back yard or front yard and make it as a place to relax. Don’t ever think that you need a lot of money to build it because it can be cheap too. You are an adult now and this is the perfect time to make your dream treehouse in real life.