Cheap Ideas For Basement Renovation To Try at Home

A basement is usually a place for people to keep unused items or as the warehouse. The area is often cold and even dirty since people do not spend much time in the basement. However, nowadays, basements are not just a place for those items. There are a lot of basements that are transformed into a useful and great space at the home. Moreover, there are several cheap ideas for basement renovation that people could try on their own.

Rather than building a new space in the house, it is better for people to use a room that is not used. A basement is a perfect space for people to renovate and use for other activities. Do not worry about the price, because people could renovate it by themselves. So, it would need a lot of money for the renovation. To help out, here are some cheap ideas for basement renovations.

1. Foam Mats for the Floor

The floors of the basement must be unfinished with cement or bricks. Changing it into ceramic or other floorings must be expensive and take time for the work. As an option, and a cheap one, people could use foam mats to cover the floor. Moreover, there are also many kinds of foam mats that people could pick. The installment is super easy and everyone could do. As an additional decoration, put up a rug or a carpet to the room in the basement.

2. Use some Tumbler Lighting

The next cheap ideas for basement renovation are the lighting and lamps. The basement is usually dark with less lighting. However, installing the structure might be complicated, and also spend a fund. As a fun alternative, people could use a tumbler hanging lighting. The color lighting could be yellow, warm white, and others. Moreover, people would not need to install complicated electric or switch buttons.

3. Install a Storage Space

The basement is still the place to keep some items. That is why people still must still leave space for keeping the items. Install storage for keeping the items neat and clean. People could use a shelve, or hanging wall iron. Install the storage in the corner of the basement. It is a strategic place to keep the items in the basement. The basement would still be comfortable to spend time and also to keep the storage.

4. Create a Partition

Since it is the basement, there would be at least two areas. One for the storage area and one for the extra room. It could whether for a bedroom, living room, dining room, and more. To give a divider, people could add a partition. People could use a curtain, a cupboard or furniture as the partition.

5. Repaint the Walls

Besides the flooring, the walls are usually also unfinished. For the basement, the walls are usually from bricks or unfinished cement. The cheap ideas for basement renovation are just to paint the wall and paint it using waterproof paint. Furthermore, people could paint it with a solid color, or go with a little creativity of using patterns or even mural.

The basement could be transformed into a great place to spend and hangout. There are many fun and cheap ideas for basement renovation that people could try and create at home. Moreover, it is also easy to do.