Top 5 Clever Vegetable Garden Ideas For Small Spaces

Gardening is one of the most funs and it can refresh your mind. However, now many people cannot garden because of limited land. Therefore, it is important for you to know about clever vegetable garden ideas.

clever vegetable garden ideas

You can make these ideas as a reference if you want to start gardening again. In addition, these ideas are also perfect for those of you who like gardening but have a small vegetable garden. Let’s jump in about 5 clever vegetable garden ideas for small spaces, which you can easily apply:

1. Hanging Planters

For those of you who have a limited garden area, you can apply hanging planters. This is because hanging planters can save the use of areas in your garden so you can grow more vegetables. Hanging planters can separate different types of vegetables.

So, this will make it easier for you to take care of all your vegetables. You can also easily make hanging planters, with a variety of materials. However, if you want a hanging planter that has good stability and is durable, you can choose to use a metal frame

2. Green Roof

Do you have an empty area on your roof? You can use it as a green roof to grow various vegetables. A green roof is perfect for growing vegetables because they will get maximum sunlight. In addition, during the rainy season, they can also use rainwater efficiently.

In addition, you can relax in the midst of a chaotic city bustle on your green roof. Or, a green roof can also help protect the material on your roof. That is why the green roof is one of the clever vegetable garden ideas.

3. Busy Balcony

If you live in an apartment or flat, you can copy this idea. Making your balcony a garden for growing vegetables is a very good idea. However, you need to be selective in choosing which vegetable crops can be planted on limited land.

Even on the balcony, you can still plant some vegetables. For example, you can hang a few pots on your balcony. You can also show the planters rack in your balloon. In fact, you can also use your balcony walls to be planters.

4. Vertical Gardening

This idea is the cleverest idea and most often applied. This is because many people like gardening but live in apartments, flats, or live on limited land. So, they do not have large land for gardening and growing various vegetables.

However, you can use the wall as your gardening media. You can place vessels on the wall vertically to grow vegetables. In addition, you can make vessels from a variety of materials, such as used cans and bottles, or old pallets.

5. Divide and Conquer

This is one of the clever vegetable garden ideas for those of you who want to have a neat garden. You need a large bed with a divider so you can separate vegetables based on the variety. A divider is a brilliant and inexpensive idea for differentiates various vegetable varieties.

You can buy the divider at a hardware store or you can make it yourself from an old pallet. How to make it is very easy; that you only need to make a grid from the pallet. And then, you can stick to the grid using nails, glue or screws.

There are 5 clever vegetable garden ideas, which you can copy easily and without spending a lot of money. The idea will make it possible for you to be able to garden by utilizing a variety of growing media. So, one of the five ideas above, which ideas do you want to apply first?