Steps On How To Make A Succulent Garden At Home

Providing a green space might take a lot of space for the house. However, providing green is quite important for human health. One of the functions is to provide for oxygen from the planting. Nowadays, there is a new way to place green plants. Popular media is a succulent garden. It is now popular not only to fresh the room but also to decorate the room. The steps on how to make a succulent garden are easy and fun to do.

A succulent garden could be in many shapes. Starting from a mini plant that is placed in a bowl, in an aquarium, and also in other items. Moreover, there is also a succulent garden that is in vertical frames. Rather than buying one, people could easily make a DIY one by themselves. It could be a fun activity to do in their free time. Here are the steps on how to make a succulent garden at home, in a vertical mode.

1. Prepare the Tools and Ingredients

Firstly, prepare all the tools and ingredients before making. The first thing to prepare is the vertical framing. After that, also provides some green succulent plants. Choose different types of plants to create a better result. People could get it on the closest plating store or also buy it online. Remember to choose the cactus as one of the plants. Another ingredient that people must provide is soil. Choose the specific soil that is specialized for succulent plants.

2. Making the Frame

The next step on how to make a succulent garden is to make the framing. Rather than buying one, people could make one on their one. It is easy and also cheap. Prepare 4 pieces of wood that have a length of 30,5cm with a size of 2x2cm. Combine the woods using nails to become a frame. As for the front size, cover it with using a garden net. As for the backside close it with using plywood.

3. Arranging the Plants

When the frame is ready, it is then the time to arrange the plants into the frame. Firstly, cut the plants into small parts. For the stem, let about 2cm to fit inside the soil. Prepare about 60 buds to cover a frame of 30cm. Let the buds stay still in a cool place and let the stem dry out. After that fill in the soil into the frame. Arrange the plants into the soil with personal creativity. Just make sure that the net is totally recovered.

4. The Final Touch

The final step on how to make a succulent garden is to keep it inside the house. However, make sure the plant still gets the sunshine and the area is cool enough. This process is to let the plants merge together with the soil and place. Moreover, it would also strengthen the plants.

5. Taking care of the Succulent Garden

After finish making the succulent garden, remember taking care of it. Like other plants, the succulent garden needs to watered and get sunshine. For the watering, people could use the spraying bottle. As for the sunshine, still keep it inside the house but with some sunshine as well.

Even though people have limited space, they could still have plants with a succulent garden. The steps on how to make a succulent garden are fun and easy to do. Moreover, it could also decorate the space.