5 Tricks About How To Remove Stain From White Shirt Easily

White is a nice color and neutral for every occasion. You can wear those clothes whenever you think “have-nothing-to-wear”. Yes, white is the best solution to make you look brighter. However, it is not easy to keep the white as bright as before. Even worse you see the stain on its surface. That must bother your appearance. But don’t be worry, here we have tricks about how to remove stain from white shirt. You can do this at home without the need to go to the laundry.

how to remove stain from white shirt

What we will share with you is how to remove stain from white shirt because of various causes. Several common stains are lipstick, sauce, and baby milk. In fact, many conditions can stain your shirt. No matter it is easy to remove or the naughty one. Thus, you should know the tricks to anticipate every condition that might happen in the future. See our tricks below and make your shirt look like new again:

1. Barbeque Sauce

There is nothing perfect than having white for a barbeque party. While you are enjoying the moment, it is very possible for the sauce dripping to your shirt. Don’t be panic, you can get rid of that stain. Take the detergent and white vinegar. Scoop the excess sauce from the shirt, then wash under the water flow. Rub the detergent, work gently with your fingers, and after that, apply the white vinegar and wait up to 10 minutes. Rinse with the warm water and let it dry.

2. Blood

There are two types of this stain: the fresh stain and the dried stain. Both of them have different treatments. The fresh stain is easier to be removed. You just need to wash directly with cold water and rub with the soap. Don’t use warm or hot water for fresh stain because it will set the stain. While for the dried one you are better soaking it with warm water. Then, scrub with the soap and water until the stain is gone.

3. Baby Formula

You will never know exactly what will happen with the baby. There is a time when they are spitting up after feeding, then the stain sticks on your white shirt. Soak the shirt for about 30 minutes with the liquid detergent. After that, see the stain if it is still there, rub gently with a brush. If the stain is very hard, add baking soda after the detergent.

4. Lipstick or Cosmetics

There are many hacks to remove this stain. But we will show you the simple one. Take the excess using a knife or anything with a sharp surface. Then, wash with the liquid detergent under the water flow. Don’t rub the shirt because it will make the stain wider. Soak inside the warm water or re-wash by adding alcohol.

5. Coffee or Tea

This is the most often stain you probably get in everyday life, whether you are at the office or at home while enjoying Netflix. Soak the shirt with warm water and vinegar. Rub gently with your finger, if the stain still exists, then add the liquid detergent. Wash again and let it dry by hanging outside.

We are pretty sure that there are still lots of stains you probably get. But those five stains sometimes make you stress. In fact, seeing how to remove stain from white shirt above proves that those stains are very easy to be removed. Just make sure the vinegar and the baking soda are available at home, then everything will be alright.