5 Simple Treehouse Ideas To Make Your Childhood Dream Come True

When you just a little kid, you should ever wonder to have one treehouse near your home. It should be nice to have one secret place full of toys and games you can play all day long. After that, we grow up and that dreams still follow us sometimes. However, we will give you some simple treehouse ideas with high comfort and amazing looks. 

simple treehouse ideas

Being an adult, you can start to make your treehouse dream comes true. Just build a simple one in your backyard where you can spend your weekend there. It should be great to read a book under the tree and feel the fresh air. Also, you can see the star from that treehouse when the night comes. Here are some of the best simple treehouse ideas you can make. 

1. Small Blue Treehouse

This is the first simple but still adorable treehouse for you. The indoor area may not so big but it has an outdoor area for kids playing ground. You can color the treehouse blue to make it different from places near them. Above all, this design can fulfill the area to take a rest and read a book or playing on the outside.

2. Basic Treehouse

Well, if you want to build a simple treehouse only for your children to play, this is the right design. This design is more open than others so it can’t be used when rain or snow season. Also, this design is a little bit dangerous so you need to tell your child to be more careful especially when climbing the ladder. Above all, you can enjoy the landscape perfectly and it also cost less.

3. The Pirate Treehouse

This will be the perfect design for you who have wonder to be a pirate. However, this treehouse has some room on the inside so it looks like a real ship. You don’t need to buy the paint because it looks fit with the natural wood color. Just use your money to buy some pirate stuff like a steering wheel or old lamp.

4. Medium Size Treehouse

This house was not as big as the main house but it will be enough for family gather. However, this design has a little balcony on the front so you can enjoy the landscape on the outside. Make sure you build the bottom part with sturdy material. You don’t need another playground for your child. This treehouse is enough for them.

5. The Tree Deck

If you have more than 3 big trees, you can build this awesome simple treehouse ideas. This design does not have an indoor area, so you can’t store some stuff there. You can do a lot of activities in this treehouse. For example, you can gather with your friends and enjoy the fresh air. Build your ladder using some ropes to give a different part with another treehouse.

These are 5 simple treehouse ideas we can give to you. You can build it in your back yard or front yard and make it as a place to relax. Don’t ever think that you need a lot of money to build it because it can be cheap too. You are an adult now and this is the perfect time to make your dream treehouse in real life.