Tiny House Design Ideas-Enchant People With Charming House

Although many people dream of the big house, it doesn’t mean that a tiny house is unwanted. On the other hand, there some people who find that a tiny house is endearing. Furthermore, if you have a small family. Owns a tiny house if more affordable, than the big one. And to make your house look more charming, you should think about its design. So, here is for you the recommendation of a tiny house design ideas you can try:

1. Floating House

With tiny house design ideas, you can make a tiny house looks charming. One of the ideas is to build that tiny house on top of the lake. Using plastic flotation tubs that are combined with styrofoams and pontoons, the foundation is built on the shore.

The house’s construction mainly is using shiplap so it won’t weigh the foundation. And build the house so it will look like a cottage. 

2. Truck-Like House

You don’t need to worry even if the house you can build is just a tiny one. The truck-like house may suit your liking. It doesn’t need a large space and not too complicated. But, it still looks nice and comfortable.

What you need are a pair of tires, shiplap, and a large glass. Those are mainly what you need if you want to use a truck-like house design. After that, you just have to build your house so it will look like a truck. 

3. Classic Wooden Tiny House

When building a tiny house, usually you use wood materials. The cause is that it is easy to use. Moreover, if you live in a village. A tiny house with wood as a material gives stronger vibes. To make this kind of house, you can use rustic ranch wood siding as a ceiling, and so the exterior.

Meanwhile, the front cabin is using a glass as a will and windows. Since it is a tiny house, there is only one bedroom, one bathroom and a combination between the kitchen and living room.

4. Mushroom Dome

If you want your tiny house to look unique, this mushroom dome house may be the right choice. What makes this house so unique is it’s the ceiling. While most of the house has a flat or pointed ceiling, this house has a half-sphere ceiling that looks like a mushroom. For the wall of this house, using a shiplap is enough. And if you build it a little far from the crowd then it’s perfect.

5. Converted Bus

One of the best tiny house design ideas is turning the bus into the house. If you choose this idea, you don’t need to own land, instead, you need to have an unusable old bus. After that, you need a little bit of modification so you can live there.

As an example of the modification is to change the seats into bed or sofas. You should leave the driver seat as it so you can move your bus, no your house away. 

A small land doesn’t limit the way you build the house. As long as you have the best tiny house design ideas, be it a small land or a small house, it’ll make you feel satisfied.