Upcycled Dressing Table Ideas To Make It Look Better

Old or unused stuff in the house can sometimes be annoying and seems like it is fulling up the room. Therefore, people prefer to throw them away and not use them again. However, before doing that recheck check the things and see if you can upcycle them and make something better from it. Other than doors and windows, if you have a dressing table don’t throw them away. Because there many upcycled dressing table ideas that you can do with them.

The dressing table is one of the furniture that every woman must-have. However, some can last for a long time while others may get broken easily. When this happens don’t throw it away, as you can try to make it into something else. Use the unbroken parts to make something new and valuable. Here are some upcycled dressing table ideas that you can try making:

1. Table

If there are missing wardrobe in your dressing table, then them out. If you are planning the t to use all the wardrobe in it, then remove all of them. Then, destroy the woods that hangs the wardrobe so that the middle part of the table is empty. Don’t forget to furnish and repaint the table again to make it look newer and better than before.

2. Hanging Mirror

An upcycled dressing table ideas that you can make is a hanging mirror. Normally all dressing tables have a mirror on top of the table. Usually, this is a part that will last long even for years. Therefore, rather than throwing it away why not take the mirror and use it as a normal mirror to hang. You can use the frame from the dressing table so you don’t need to redecorate it again.

3. Wardrobe

If the mirror or the top part of the table is broken then maximize the use of the drawer. You can do this by renovating the table and cutting off the broken part. If you need some new parts then assemble them with the existing table. Repaint it and then you can use it as a small wardrobe to put your things in.

4. Small Table

Rather than making a standing table, use the proper part for a small table. You don’t need too many parts as you can use the top part of the bottom part only. Whichever part is still in good condition use it as a table to put on the floor. Usually, people use this kind of table as a coffee table or in a relaxing room.

5. Hanging Drawer

If most of the part of the dressing table is broken then use the drawer. You can use them as a hanging shelf to put your things in. All you need is another wood board to hang the shelves on. Make sure to choose a board that is strong enough to hold these drawers up.

As you can see there are plenty of upcycled dressing table ideas that you can use. The key to upcycling is using the things that you can still use rather than throwing them away. By upcycling, you change to save some money but get something new.